2016.10月 Cori @ TED X TKU VR 演講

主題:  VR,開啟人類生活新進化
VR, incepting the new evolution of lives

The development of VR & AR has sparked millions of new ideas around the world. And with all the possibilities of its’ applications, how it could change the future is limitless.

Cori Shieh is the key enabler of development for the VR/AR industry in Taiwan and is regarded as the godmother of VR. Cori founded, Yoyo VR, the first news and social media platform for VR/AR industry in 2015. In 2016, she gathered entrepreneurs from VR/AR industry and established the Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality (TAVAR).
Cori is currently the secretary general of TAVAR and is actively promoting the formation and maturity of the VR/AR industry ecosystem in Taiwan. She is also the founder and general manager of CJS Interactive, focusing on the link between Taiwan, China and Silicon Valley VR/AR industry resources. At the same time, she is helping the AR/VR companies in Taiwan to venture into the international market.